MAI Natural Beauty Unleashed

Please read my Natural Hair FAQs before sending me a message. Thank you. A DMV (DC/MD/VA) girl STRIVING for greatness! I'm loving my NATURAL HAIR more and more each day. This is a collection for ME. Although I love the love, I like and reblog what catches MY eye. ^_^

Permalink Gym swag in my nailia. Follow my new page- maisincerelove
Permalink Super fun cut I did in class on Monday. Need to work on the accuracy of my bangs. But that’s what learning is for. Follow my new page- maisincerelove
Permalink Mrs. Sideshow Bob. I won’t stop protective styling until my real hair can do this. One year protective style challenge. Follow my new page- maisincerelove
Permalink Wednesday Adams is my mom. Follow my new page- maisincerelove
Permalink Hey, girl! Hey! Follow my new page- maisincerelove
Permalink Because all this work in the fall and winter is supposed to pay off in the spring and summer. Follow my new page- maisincerelove #fitness #summerdresses #summerbodyinthemaking
Permalink I wanted to see what I look like now in a dress and heels. Lol #fitness #iworkout #futurefigurecompetitor
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New Tumblr- MaiSincereLove

I haven’t posted in quite some time. As we mature, we change. I will be cleaning up this Tumblr and transitioning over to a new one. Please follow my new page MaiSincereLove. I will be posting about natural hair, my journey to becoming an amazing licensed hair stylist, my new healthier and fit lifestyle and lots of other fun stuff. Come join me! I’ve neglected you guys for far too long.
Much love, Maiya.

Permalink Oh, nothing. Just about to holla at this Couch-to-5K joint. Day 1! #letsgetit #gititrightgetittight #letsgetfit
Permalink My hair has been str8 for the past week. I’m trying to fight my urge to bring my fro back, lol.
Permalink So my Daddy told me that I look like Sideshow Bob. I said, “thank u! That’s the look I’m going for every day!” (Taken with Instagram)
Permalink Fall ready… But I still have on flip flops in this 80+ degree weather, lol. Who gon check me, boo??? 😯 (Taken with Instagram)
Permalink 👽 Greetings earthlings! (Taken with Instagram)
Permalink 2012 Maxine Shaw. (Taken with Instagram)